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Wayne Honda

How did you hear about Kaaosradio?

By another DJ (Matti) who knew Dana at Robert Ramstedt's birthday party.

How long have you been mixing? (Year started)


Which genres have you been mixing?

Dnb, House, Idm, Triphop, Chillout, Ambient

What hardware / software do you use for mixing?

Currently Ubuntu Studio/MacOS, Mixxx, Akai AMX, Pioneer CDJ800's.

Do you mix at parties etc? What kind of parties?

Any kind of parties that I get invited to and don't have to pay to attend myself (I prefer saving money for having more studio time). I'm not much of an party goer, but I certainly enjoy if I can play myself.

If you don't mix, what programs do you use for doing the show?

For doing show's in general I like broadcasting video (with OBS) and testing different video services.

Do you host your show / mix ? How often?

Not really, but could do that at some point.

If you make your own music, how long have you been doing it?

7-8 years (playing with DAW's, not much releases to show off really yet).

If you make your own music, which genres?

I like doing my own sound design mostly. Cannot yet much define what genres my stuff will fall under. Some role models I would say are Noisia, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Bonobo, The Prodigy, ... many whom have a broad spectrum of musical production and experimentation. Instrumental stuff mostly.

If you make your own music, what hardware / software are you using?

Mac/Linux, Bitwig/Ableton/(Renoise), Serum/Omnisphere2/Mixxx, some HW synth's (will update on this at my home page some day).

If you make your own music, is it free for download and where can it be found at?

There's some breadcrumbs at www.chronicoverengineering.com sub pages.

How often you mix / play to Kaaosradio, or how often you'd like to do that?

A mix once a week, or slightly less, maybe even more sometime. Depending on what I'm inspired to work on during the time. I'm interested in presenting my whole library of different genres (from beat-less ambient to dnb) piece by piece and would be cool of course to get radio plays for anything I do.

Do you want to participate to Kaaosradio development in future? (inviting new dj's, helping with coding, graphics etc..)

Inviting new DJ's for sure. I could help ideating stuff forward. I'm pretty much working on my own artistic projects and business, but I think there's lots of overlap for sharing ideas, techniques, etc. on DJ show broadcasting...

Little bit about You. What year You are born?


Where do You live?

In Jyväskylä, and depending on weather etc. at city (Syrjälä) and the nearby countryside (Putkilahti).

Do You have a family?

In a mafia sense, yes; I have lot of relatives here. No direct descendants.

What are your hobbies?

Hard to define. I'm a full time hobbyist which makes everything "work". I try to describe myself at www.chronicoverengineering.com.

What you want to say to listeners? :)

I'm glad if my sounds/tunes are found amusing. Though I'm busy, I'm very open minded to collaboration or possibilities to perform.