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How did you hear about Kaaosradio?

I was tipped by the IRC user SysIO at AngelicFM IRC channel about Kaaosradio.

How long have you been mixing? (Year started)


Which genres have you been mixing?

House, Techno, Dance, Dubstep, Hard-/Rawstyle, Noise, Reggae, Hip-Hop, etc.

What hardware / software do you use for mixing?

Mixxx and Traktor

Do you mix at parties etc? What kind of parties?

Not anymore since many years, but I might DJ at CCC in Germany this December.

Do you host your show / mix ? How often?

Yes (N/A)

If you make your own music, how long have you been doing it? (Year started)


If you make your own music, which genres?

Mashups in various genre's.

If you make your own music, what hardware / software are you using?


If you make your own music, is it free for download and where can it be found at?

HearThis - SoundCloud

How often you mix / play to Kaaosradio, or how often you'd like to do that?

I'd like to do 'live in the mix' show every saturday evening. (Angelic FM @ Fridays)

Do you want to participate to Kaaosradio development in future? (inviting new dj's, helping with coding, graphics etc..)

Absolutely. I can invite new DJ's and help with marketing of the station/site.

Little bit about You. What year You are born?

13th of March, 1982

Where do You live?

Knivsta, Sweden

Do You have a family?

Girlfriend & our furry children (dog & cat)

What are your hobbies?

Music, IT in general but specifically servers (Unix) and networking.

What you want to say to listeners? :)

++ karma to you listeners! Love ya. <3